Montag, 16. April 2012

Gute Stute (english version)

Yes, there’s a plausible reason why this bar is called Gute Stute (“good mare”) and this reason is huge: it’s a real (well, dead and stuffed) horse that resides before the counter and occupies nearly all of the space inside. Legend says the owner Ivo bought it many years ago at the flea market in Sachsenhausen for 4000 DM. But that’s not the only weird thing you can find in this pub: the bar stools aren’t plain bar stools but chairs from a swing ride carousel.
There’s no way you leave the Gute Stute sober. You get as many free refills of your “Erdnussflips” (some sort of potato crisps made out of peanuts) as you need to accompany your beer. And you can’t go without drinking the famous self-mixed schnapps to which Ivo will invite you after ordering the bill – don’t even consider refusing it!
There are so many strange and hilarious details you need to return a few times to discover them all – and not forget them after spending beer-filled hours here. You might stumble across children’s books about ghosts or greasy postcards from all over the world. In front of the pub you’ll spot another funny tidbit: the Holz-Roys (instead of a Rolls-Royce).
Gute Stute, a one of a kind location only a few minutes’ walk from the central station in Frankfurt is really, really worth paying a visit!

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