Montag, 2. April 2012

San Sebastián - Lo Viejo

The Parte Vieja (Old Part), usually called "Lo Viejo" by the donostiarra owns two churches, the Constitution Square and more bars you could ever imagine. The streets are pretty narrow and cars are only allowed in exceptional cases, most of the buildings are from the 19th century. This zone is pretty touristic as you might expect.

The harbour

 Church Iglesia de San Vicente

This street called Juan de Bilbao is the only one of Lo Viejo that isn't touristic at all.. a friend of mine called it jokingly "Calle de la ETA" (ETA street) but don't say it out loud there! You might rather stick with the expression "abertzale" (which is a synonym of the Basque nationalism) or the real name. If there is any pro-ETA demo in Donosti it's here and they prefer talking in euskera, the Basque language, too. Also you should consider taking pictures twice for it's not really approved. Still, don't hesitate to explore this street as well!

A street leading to the harbour

The mall at the entry of Lo Viejo called "La Bretxa"

A typical street

The other church, Basílica de Santa María

Teatro Principal in the Calle Mayor/Nagusia Kalea

It gets pretty crowed as soon as the sun starts to show

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