Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Buchholz (english version)

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The restaurant „Buchholz“, which is situated in the street Sandweg seems really unimposing from the outside – I don’t know how often I’ve passed by already without every noticing it. Today I’ve been there for the first time because of a recommendation and I have to say, it’s worth a visit!

The interieur is plain and rather uninviting, but the small garden at the corner Sandweg/Mouson­straße ist really nice and quiet and thanks to a marquee we are save from the sudden cloudburst.
The young waitress serving us is quickly and discreetly and one glance at the menu tells us: the prices are (especially for the position of the restaurant) really unbeatable. No open wine (0,2 l) costs more than 3,90 €, which is the price for my refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Our appetizer, a small salad which is pretty ample for its 2,90 €, is delivered quickly with our drinks. The salad itself is good, maybe drowning a bit in the dressing, but that’s something you can overlook. The only drawback: we don’t get extra plates to share it more easily. Our main dishes, the classical Frankfurter Schnitzel with the typical “green sauce” for 8,90 € of the normal menu (with the remark that all Schnitzels are roasted in a cooking pan and not deep-fried) is really tasty, the fried potatoes and the green sauce are above average and the meatballs with Peperonata and “Spätzle” for 8,50 € from the weekly menu are noticeably homemade. The paprika sauce could be a bit spicier and the “Spätzle” maybe miss a hint of salt, but still everything’s really good. Be careful: the portions are huge and so the two of us can only share the dessert: crepe filled with Nutella – since the red fruit pudding isn’t homemade – which is served perfectly fluffy but again without extra plates to share.

Conclusion: The cheap prices do not deflect negatively on the quality, on contrary; everything is really tasty and roly-poly we roll home after dining there. The service was friendly; I wouldn’t like to sit inside but on the outside it’s really nice. I’d enjoy returning.

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