Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Orange Beach (english version)

Orange Beach is locally known and beloved by locals  but since it’s far from the city centre tourists usually don’t stumble across this marvelous place. It’s a pretty iconic as ironic location – they call themselves “the second nicest hiding-place under the sun”.
So what exactly is the Orange Beach? It’s something in between a beer garden, a kiosk (or “Wasserhäuschen” as we call it in Frankfurt) and a living room just beneath the banks of our river Main. The atmosphere is really cozy and familiar and every time the football team Eintracht Frankfurt plays loads of people gather around to root for them and if you’re lucky enough you might get a chance to stroke the cat strolling around as well.
At Orange Beach they offer a huge variety of different beers or unknown non-alcoholic drinks as for example “herbert”; the guests are a strange mix between young and alternative and old and poor. They sell some stuff for “the little hunger” as we Germans would say, too, like several kinds of sausages. The prices for the beverages and the food are really low since the Orange Beach is not like a normal bar.
So, grab a bike, go on a nice ride close to the river and refresh yourself later at this strange place!

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