Montag, 4. November 2013

Klabunt (english version)

One of the biggest problems Frankfurt is facing nowadays is the gentrification of the city. This process can be noted perfectly in such fashionable streets as Berger Straße. However, there are still some shops and restaurants left that don’t fit this shoe. One of the best examples is “Klabunt” located at the “obere Berger Straße”, the upper Berger Street, which tends to be a bit more alternative.
Klabunt is linked to “Titanic”, Germany’s most famous sarcastic and funny magazine, founded in Frankfurt. Every now and then there might be a reading and inside you’ll find many funny cartoons on the walls.
The food is mostly based on apple-something. On the regular menu you can order “Schnitzel” with apple-and-cream-sauce. The daily menu (if you are able to decipher the horrible handwriting!) there are many exceptional dishes, many of them contain apples as well. The waiters are usually in the mood for a little chit-chat.
P.S.: Beware of the extensive selections of Schnaps!

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