Montag, 11. November 2013

Kleine Anna (english version)

Probably the most charming café in Frankfurt is called “Kleine Anna” (literally translated: “little Anna”) and located at walking distance to the central station. In this cosy and nice decorated bar they only sell bread and only at lunch time. But it’s not plain bread, is either roasted with toppings (2,30 €) or made as a sandwich (small 3 €, large 5,50 €). The toppings are delicious, homemade sauces or creams like Hummus, pecorino cheese, eggplant, basil cream and many more, served with ham, cheese, mint, salami, egg… They make cheap but good coffee as well and the popular soft drinks like Fritz Kola.
If you’re in mood for something sweet afterwards, there are several cakes as well or you can pick pieces of goodies at the cash register like kids usually do at kiosks here.
If you want a salad for lunch, you need to pre-order it. Breads are only available until 4 pm.

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