Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Sonamu (english version)

It’s not always easy to find good corean restaurants in this town, but in Bornheim Mitte is a highly recommendable one called “Sonamu”. Sonamu means pine in english. The name is wisely chosen since the small restaurant on Berger Straße consists only of wood – you can’t miss it, it looks a lot like a sauna. You can either sit inside and experience the whole “sauna feeling” or you can choose a table in the small backyard.
The very fresh and delicious food is not really cheap, the average price for a main dish is around 14 Euros, but it’s worth it. The side dishes besides rice are exotic things like lotus root or kimchi and less exotic stuff like pickled potatoes. They serve bamboo tea and the “Schorle” (juice with sparkling water) always contain little fruits.

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